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  • Exclusively Cranberry?

    Cranberry Izze

    Imagine my surprise as I’m walking into my local Starbucks trying to decide which of my least favorite Izze’s I’ll get when I glimse the case and oh my! there’s a red bottle sitting next to the usuals. How can this be? What is it? Is it Blackberry? My all time favorite Pomegranate? No! It’s Cranberry! Wow! I didn’t even know there was going to be a Cranberry. A quick perusal of yeilds no info on the flavor. It seems to fit in the Starbucks current holiday theme. They have tons of cranberry stuff and their colors are white and red. A quick perusal of yeilded no such info either. Now I sit here with an Izze flavor that is unknown to the world. Wow, what a feeling. And now for the review…

    Cranberry is pretty tasty I must say. It reminds me of Pomegranate, but lacking the bite and boldness. It is nice and sweet and fresh. Very refreshing. It’s a good flavor but it lacks distinction from Pomegranate and Blackberry. It’s somewhere inbetween the two flavors. It does have a distinct cranberry taste to it but it is very light. Like canned cranberry sauce but with alot less punch, and much more enjoyable in my opinion. All in all, a good holiday flavor.


    1. Moses

      I had the cranberry Izze it was good (:

      My favorite flavors are Grapefruit,Clementine, and Pomegranate.

    2. M!chael

      :O sounds yummy! Do you have the full picture of the cranberry izze?

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