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  • 46 great lists of Ten great resources for Lists

    Ok, I understand the value of a list.  Lists are cool, they’re helpful.  But please for Rick‘s sake can you please tone it down a bit?  The one great value to lists that I see is this:  Someone has taken the time to weed out the crap and find the quality stuff so I don’t have to, saving me time and money.  When I see a list of anything over ten I think “how can they all be good?  Did anyone take out the bad stuff?”  And lists of lists? Oh man, what’s the point?  Take this list for example.  There is a total of at least 179 items in this thing. If I spend 1 minute looking at each item that’s almost 3 hours.  What the heck!?!?  Do you really think I’m going to sit down and pore over every site, just because it is in a list of things?

    What I’m whining about is efficiency and productivity.  A list can be an amazing thing if it is carefully constructed and edited.  You can always tell when someone has put things in the list just to make it longer.  Making short and helpful lists will get way more attention because they will actually be useful.


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