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    Anyone who knows me knows that I am practically in love with the ukulele. In my mind it is the perfect instrument and I think that if everyone picked one up and learned a few chords the world would be a much happier place. The vast ukulele subculture on the internet taught me how to play and I owe some of the first songs I learned to a site called Uke Hunt run by the incomparable Woodshed. The site has since become my favorite for all things uke, so I was blown away when Woodshed himself contacted me about creating a new look for the site.

    Uke Hunt is a bold and irreverent blog for the modern ukulele player so it called for a graphic new look that bucks the infuriating stereotypes of Tikis and Tiny Tim. The new look is bold, simple, and playful. The new logo reinforces the spirit of the blog and, as one reader pointed out, calls to mind the sight of the thousands of ukuleles held high and proud at the performance of Ode to Joy by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

    Aside from the new look the site presented a greater challenge. Over the years Uke Hunt has evolved and branched out into many areas and even different sites. While the blog is focused on tabs and chords and ukulelia in general, there are other resources Woodshed offers like ebooks, lessons and reviews. Many readers, myself included, often didn’t even know about the other offerings and sometimes didn’t even know when we found them that they were attached to Uke Hunt.

    We solved this problem by gathering everything up and giving it the same distinct Uke Hunt look and feel. We also created the Uke Hunt nav bar which allowed some of the separate sites to remain under the Uke Hunt umbrella while still remaining its own site. For these sites we also created unique banners in the new Uke Hunt styling.

    This project was a blast to work on and I’m tremendously grateful to Woodshed for letting me be a part of it.


    1. Woodshed

      It was great to work with you, Ben. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out.

    2. tim h

      Well done on the Ukehunt project – the site’s really good to navigate round and looks well spiffy.

    3. Acilius

      Brilliant job with UkeHunt, Ben. Three cheers.

    4. Ben Lew

      Thanks everyone! I’m quite proud of this one. Makes me happy to see the fans are liking it.

    5. Howlin' Hobbit

      If I wasn’t an impecunious busker I would *so* hire you to help redesign my site!

      What a fabulous new look for one of my all time favorite ukulele sites (and person). Great job!

    6. Ben Lew

      Thanks Howlie! I’m glad you like it.

      Let me know if that busker thing changes, I would *so* help you out with your site.

    7. Andrea

      I am a longtime reader over at Ukulele Hunt, and I looooooooooooooooove what you did with the place! It’s AMAZING!

    8. J-Hob

      It’s an awesome design, totally spot-on for what was required. You out-did yourself with this one!

    9. pam

      As instructed by Woodshed, here’s a comment telling you you’re an ace. I actually DO think you’re an ace, though, the site is smashing, well done, well done!

    10. Mike Dickison

      What really impressed me about the design was the blocky, home-made feel with a handmade font, which exactly fits the amateur DIY nature of the current ukulele movement (not implying the site design is amateurish of course; the way you’ve unified the different parts of the Woodshed empire, while giving each a distinct identity, is very clever). The shapes evoke the 1950s second-wave revival while still being contemporary, and it’s not remotely Hawaiian, hurrah. Good colour palette too.

    11. Braden

      I’m a long time reader of the site, as well. And I think you did a fantastic job creating the new look. Well done!

    12. Rob NY

      Your redesign of Ukehunt is fantastic. Worthy of such a wonderful site. Good job.

    13. Andrew

      Really lovely looking site – nice one! The name “Uke Hunt” though is quite shockingly offensive. Deliberate?

    14. i ukulista

      Great site. Just a pity I can’t recommend it because ‘ukehunt’ is such a naff schoolboy joke. I kicked the sides out of my cradle laughing it’s so old!
      Apart from the title well done.

    15. me

      arg!! please, can someone explain the joke on the name? I’m (obviously) not a native-english speaker, it seems some kind of sexual joke but can’t find the exact meaning, what does it sound like, why is it funny? I don’t get iiiit ! :D

    16. Steve Devine

      I am a native speaker and despite being a fan of the UkeHunt site for some time, am ashamed to say have only just noticed the joke. Basically, it’s a pun “UkeHunt” sounds like “You C*nt” (it is a little childish, to be honest). Hope this helps.

    17. RockTheUkeBox

      I’m only two weeks into being a ukulele enthusiast (literally) who has just obtained my first uke, Woodshed’s Dummies book, and find myself now here intently reading about ben’s redesign of the awesome “YouK Hunt” site which got me interested and into ukuleles. Needless to say, I couldn’t let the last comment of over seven months ago pass–without at least one (hopefully) non-sophomoric attempt to raise the comment level at least slightly out of the muck. MIND your pronunciation and enunciation little boys…(note, there’s a phonetic spelling above for you)…and when you do, there is NO correlation whatsoever to said childish reference and/or perverse innuendo. GREAT redesign and application of a consistent theme and presence to the Uke Hunt site and it’s related sites, Ben. Awesome work! Cheers, Steve :o)

    18. Ben Lew

      Thanks Steve! Happy ukein’!

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