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This proposal is for building a custom WordPress theme for The project will be in two phases, the first developing a demo site that will present the site’s features to prospective customers, the second being the full development of the site.

Since this site is intended to be used by seniors, the interface and experience will be tailored for maximum readability and ease of use. Every feature will be highly accessible and easy to understand.

The site will be built as a full-custom WordPress theme using all best practices for speed, seo, and user experience. Much care will be taken to make the administration and management experience easy and fluid.

The two areas that will require the most development time will be the Membership and Traffic Reports tracking which I’ve provided more detail below.



This quote is based on the information provided in the Tech Spex document, archived here.


For the demo phase, the core feature pages will be coded and linked together to create a cohesive demo experience.

This experience will take a prospective user through viewing the main listing page into a Services listing page and into a single business profile page.

While not strictly required, this demo will be built in WordPress as a starter for the full site. This will allow easier management of the demo and a smoother transition into full development.


A plugin will be used to provide the Membership functionality. It will facilitate the management of the Member’s information and ads.

My initial plugin recommendation is Memberpress with which I’ve had previous experience. Further research will be done however to ensure we find the very best fit for the site’s specific needs.

Traffic Reports

We will use a combination of plugins and custom coding to generate Member-specific analytics reports for their profiles and ads.

This will be developed to provide control over email digests and notifications for Members.


Design phase: 1-2 weeks (focusing on the most front-facing pages and pages required for demo)

Demo Phase: 1-2 weeks

Target completion date for Design and Demo: September 30

Target completion date for full build early December for January launch.


December 15


September 9


Here is my estimated cost for both Phases of development.



Design look and feel based on wireframes.


Phase 1 Demo

Build demo experience.


Phase 2 Full Development

Complete site build.

Payment Terms

An initial payment will be required to start work. I then suggest a bi-weekly milestone and payment schedule that we come up with together.


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