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This proposal is for the revival and rejuvenation of The Spanish Language School and it’s website. It includes a complete rebrand with a new logo and a new look. The website will be transformed and brought up to modern education technology standards. The new site will be fully mobile-responsive, allow students to enroll, view events and more all while remaining easy to use and manage.


We’ll begin with creating a new face for The Spanish Language School. Together we will discover the heart of the organization and build a visual representation that the school will be proud of. This new Logo will inform an all new look and feel for the brand. At the end of the process a simple brand guideline will be delivered to maintain the strength of the brand as the school moves forward.

Website Wireframe

After the goal of finding the school’s heart is complete we’ll move to discovering the vision for it’s online future. We’ll create an extensive wireframe outlining all features and content and together, create a cohesive view of the website and it’s multiple uses.

Website Design

Next we’ll apply the new look and feel to the wireframe and bring the school’s heart to the mechanics of it’s features.


Once the design is established we’ll bring it to life with WordPress!

Multiple high-quality WordPress Plugins will be used to provide features such as: Event Calanders, Student Registration, Delivery of Online Courses, and management of all the sites content including Testimonials and Pop-up Chat support. This will be a phase of discovery as we look closely at what features we need to provide and select the best solutions for each.

Overall, emphasis will be given to ease of management for you the administrator. All tasks will be easy to do and I will provide training and walk-throughs for everything.


Every project is different but I estimate the time required to be:

Rebrand - 2-4 weeks
Wireframe - 2-3 weeks
Wordpress build - 3-4 weeks
Testing/Launching - 1-2 weeks

So roughly 3-4 months for the entire project. This does not mean we can't get it done sooner but is a generous estimate to be safe. I am able to begin as early as November 14 and I suggest a goal of launching the new site on March 1, 2017.


March 1, 2017


November 14, 2016


My estimate for this project is split into the Rebrand and Website sections.



Design the Logo and Look-and-Feel


Website Build

Wireframe, Build, and Launch the new website.



Entire project.

Payment Terms

For payment I suggest a bi-weekly schedule with the first payment due to begin the project.


Thank you for your time, Marcella! I am a big fan of what you are doing and am very excited to support it. I look forward to talking with you more about your vision and passion for your school. Let me know when would be a good time for us to go over all of this. You can find me on Skype with the username "n0s0ap".


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