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This proposal is for the design and build of ourcareerday.com, a site that allow students to browse careers and learn about them through “Mentor” profiles. The site will feature a quiz to help point kids to prospective careers and profiles to explore.

This is a very exciting project as I am passionate about educating, enabling, and energizing kids to find their own passion and drive. As a father of two, aged 7 and 4, it is something I care deeply about and is very timely for my own family.

This estimate does not include anything related to the chat bot feature I mentioned in our discussion. I know very little about building chat bots but it is something I have a personal interest in and will be researching it. When I have a good idea of how it works and how it could be used in ourcareerday.com I will propose it separately if desired.


We will create a logo and brand look that will be attractive and fun but not condescending towards students. The look and feel will be developed alongside wireframes and layouts of the site’s User Interface and Experience. Deliverables will include source files for use in various materials (ads, business collateral, etc) and a simple style guide.


After the design phase is complete the site will be built as a custom theme for WordPress. The powerful features of WordPress will give administrators full and easy control over the content of the entire site.


We will develop a quiz that will be manageable through WordPress. The goal for building the quiz will be to make it flexible for refinement in the quiz and the results it gives.

Career Profiles

Each Career will have it’s own profile page showing a variety of content and media. It will also display a selection of “Mentors” – real-life professionals who are volunteering their expertise to educate the students about their careers.


The site will include the ability for “Mentors” to log in and edit or add their own information about their respective careers. These Mentor logins will be invite only and will be editable by ourcareerday.com admins.


I see this timeline in three phases:

Phase 1 - Logo Design
1-2 weeks

Phase 2 - Site Design
2-3 weeks

Phase 3 - Site Build
2-3 weeks

I can begin as early as August 8 and I propose a launch goal of the first week of October


Oct 7


August 8


This is an all-inclusive for all three Phases.



Logo Design, Web Design, Wordpress Build

Payment Terms

I would propose a payment schedule of 4 agreed upon milestones 2 weeks apart. The first payment being due at the start of the project and the last due upon completion. I am open to other arrangements as well.


This is a very exciting project that I am excited to be a part of. Thank you for your time!

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